Monday, July 6, 2009

Pulling on Big Girl Panties

What do they say about 'life is what happens when you're busy making plans'? Yeah, that applies.

The movers came to our house on 6/24 and loaded up our belongings. They drove away, after telling me our stuff was not leaving for Texas; rather it was going to a warehouse in Pittsburgh and when they found a driver, they'd assign him our move. So I had some concerns but there wasn't much we could do about it right then.

We flew to Texas on Saturday, 6/27 to meet the movers who were scheduled to arrive between 6/29 and 7/2. Each day I'd phone to ask if we had a driver. To which they'd answer: No. Over and over again, no. Finally it became apparent they were not going to make the agreed upon delivery date. then they told us they'd found a driver who will pick our stuff up this Thursday, 7/9. He won't be delivering it til the next week, either 7/14 or 7/15. Two weeks late.

They are paying us $125 a day to be late, and by the time they arrive, if they arrive this new date, they will owe us $1500. There's no way they'll be making any profit on this move. That's a consolation, but I would rather have had our stuff arrive on time.

However, the $1500 will go toward the fridge that had died while we were gone, or the AC that had gone out upstairs when we arrived, or the sprinkler system that is not working right and the lawn is dying. It's been interesting and a bit overwhelming at times, but most of us have days like that now and then.

Don flew home to PA this morning. Without me. He had to go back to work, after taking a week's vacation to help me at the house, getting things unpacked and set up. That was the plan, and instead he spent time dealing with refrigerators and air conditioners and sprinkler systems and such. Then we left for awhile, heading back to the metroplex.

I'm at Sarah's for several days, before I climb into the car I'm borrowing from Dan and Janae, driving 2 hours across the metroplex and to the lake, staying there alone for about 6 days til the movers come.

I'll be there by myself when they arrive. If they arrive. I won't see Don for 15 days til I fly back to Pennsylvania on 7/21, and I won't be going to Denver or Kansas to see my family til this fall.

Did I mention I've never driven across the metroplex? Did I mention I'm still learning my way around the lake, and how to take care of the house and all that goes with it?

So - 'is what is'. I was a bit sad to hug Don goodbye this morning, but being sad or overwhelmed is a luxury I don't really have time for, and it wouldn't do anyone any good either, so I'm making myself just get over it.

New plan: have a nice visit with Sarah and her family, which will include playing with grandkids, drinking sweet tea, knitting in her sewing room, having a big, fluffy bed all to myself, get to see Dan and Janae when I wasn't going to be able to, and maybe she has a bit of a baby bump by now?, then going to the lake. At the lake, I'm going to stain the deck, paint the deck furniture, steam off some wallpaper I do not love, sit at the boathouse, watching the sun set and reading books and sipping diet coke or wine, taking walks around my new neighborhood, and learning to be a big girl.

I can do it. All of it. Some of it may be a stretch, but it'll feel great to look back and see that I made it. I must not have been as limber as I thought I was, because God sure is making me do some stretching exercises lately!


Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Oh Bev, what a fiasco! I will pray for you -- for your time alone, for your stuff to arrive safely (and soon, I hope!), and for all the hassles.

Barb said...

If I could do it without upsetting way too many people on this end, I'd just drop everything and come down there and keep you company while you wait for the next crazy chapter in this book to happen.

This is one heck of a way to get a month long vacation on the lake. I know you're being really brave about it all. Like you said, you really don't have much choice.

But how I wish all this had gone as smoothly as it should have. You worked so hard.

The bright side is the unexpected time with the kids and grandkids. And really, if you have to be "stuck" somewhere, you sure chose a beautiful spot! xoxoxo

pendy said...

The best-laid plans... :)

Becky said...

I'm so glad you are able to update us and also to spend some time with Sarah and her family. I feel so bad for you with all this hassle, and the change of plans ... always a hard thing for a well organized person to handle.

But you're right. You're stretching. And really, no harm no foul. But it's a hassle. Take the money and run.

Kelly said...

Bless your heart. Things are certainly topsy turvy for you right now, to say the least. I just know God has wonderful surprises in store for you, and will make this a memorable time to reflect on in the future. (The future when your new house is unpacked, air conditioned, refrigerator working and grass growing, that is!)

So sorry it has become so crazy, but what fun to hang out with Sarah, and to see the beginning of that brand new grandbaby, too! Enjoy the peace at the lake... I'm guessing there won't be many days of solitude there when you move in full time:-)

Dianne said...

Hm, fiasco indeed. However I'm thinking I'd be snagging grandson #1 - for company and isn't it time he learned to stain a deck?!

Hang in there . . . I hope this all irons out soon.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Yes ma'am, you can do it. I have faith in you, and more importantly, HE has faith in you or He wouldn't have allowed you to be in this season of life.

I wish there was some way I could help! I'd sure be glad to do what I could

Hang in there, better days are ahead, and your dream of retirement to your lake house is still in your grasp, you're just gonna have to jump some hurdles before you can claim it once and for all.

Enjoy your time with the Texas kids and grands. :o)


Jen said...

I read about your days at Barbs place and felt so bad for you. What a story this will be in a year. Your setting on the deck watching the sun set with wine sounds promising though. It will fly get your things done now so you can enjoy later.

Susanne said...

Bless you Bev. You've got such a great attitude. I would have been sitting at the table having myself a good cry!

Ann said...

Don't you just love how our best laid plans fall through the cracks of life and throw us for a big crying loop??? NOT me either!! But as usual you are "making lemonade out of lemons" as your sister says.
Keep your head up...and you'll do fine driving through the metroplex! Just stay on the highways in the "slow lane" and watch everyone pass you by and you'll do just fine!!

Linda said...

Yes - He definitely is stretching you a bit Bev - and you are limbering up. I think you're doing so well.
I find, I no sooner think I've made some progress and we're off onto something new. The Father is always up to something in our lives.
Enjoy this time with Sarah. Don't overdo at the lake house. Drive carefully! We drive by Dallas on our way to visit our kids in Wylie. It's a bit intimidating!

Gretchen said...

Dear Lord, please give my friend a soft spot on which to land. And help her weary feet put one in front of the other. Hugs ((((Bev)))).

On the bright side? You officially have "A Story". Wonder how embellished it will be by Christmas time. Praying for you, friend.

Karen said...

Oh, isn't it humbling when God comes along with HIS plans instead of ours? I've decided part of HIS plans include making me more reliant on HIM instead of me. And how else to do that besides mess up MY plans?!

I'm so sorry things are as they are...but what else to do besides decide to be a big girl? You go, sweet friend! You can do it!! (and if you need to be a not-so-big girl for a small tantrum or fit, go for it--when you're at the lakehouse by yourself, NO ONE will know!! :o) Love and blessings, Karen

Dawn said...

You poor thing. I would be a nervous wreck and furious. Having just moved ourself, I can really empathsize. I hope your furniture gets there soon.