Sunday, July 5, 2009

Up to Our Elbows In It

When you read this we'll be at the lake, covered up with boxes and furniture. That's if all goes well. That's if the driver has a GPS and actually finds the place! I told him to just drive south til he comes to a neighborhood out in the middle of nowhere, complete with wild boars, skunks and water moccasins. Turn left at the water moccasin, and there you'll find us.

So we're moving into our lakehouse, that was already filled with the furniture it came with. Some of it is bearable, some of it not so much. The TV that weighs close to 100 lbs has to go because if it falls on a grandchild there won't be anything left of them. The Elvis bedroom set - well, enough said. That southwestern theme futon and matching chair is going too. Hopefully, since I have plans for that to be my office / craft room. So we'll be hosting some Craig's List ads down there too, trying to get rid of stuff, before the driver arrives with our stuff.

Then I'm off to Colorado for TWO WEEKS to visit all my family, in three different places. I'll slip into the edge of Kansas, a very happenin' place, for a few days to visit my Dad, then almost into Utah to spend some time with my sister, Barb and her family. Inbetween visits to and fro I'll be in Denver spending time with my Mom and three brothers. I even have plans to pull off a margarita night with two girlfriends from high school! It's been awhile so hopefully we'll recognize each other. 'Hey, it's me, over here, 20 lbs heavier with the good color job, and underwear like my mom's that I swore I'd never wear!'

So you'll hear less of me for a bit as computer time will be scarce. But I should come back with some great stories from the wild west!


Lynne said...

Have fun with the moving, unpacking, selling, visiting and whatever else you get to do!

Ann said...

You obviously have nothing to do so I think you should spend some time soakin' up some rays at the lake!! Enjoy your time in Texas, Kansas and Colorado!

Doris said...

Have a fun trip! Can't wait to read about it.

Karen said...

Good luck with the unpacking, and have a blast on your trip!! (Any chance the moving fairies will have your boxes unpacked by the time you get back?? :o) I'm curious...are you driving or flying for your visits with friends and family?

Kelly said...

Heard from Barb that things are not going as planned, and I am so sorry you won't be able to visit her after all. I know you will, as she said, "make lemonade from the lemons", and have many funny stories to share once it is all over.
In the meantime, I am praying that you are able to make the most of the peace and quiet at the lake, and enjoy some solitude before the chaos of unpacking resumes:-)

Gretchen said...

I assume you're making lemonade, my friend. I've had limited computer access, but did read Barb's account of your...ahem...adventure on her blog. Give her a squeeze for me when you see her. Lurve and hugs to you both.