Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cranking it Down to a Slow Busy

I've been home almost two weeks. My back is immensely better. The condo is starting to feel homey, and we're settling in. We're learning how to crank it down to a slow busy rather than the frantic pace we were living at.

This past week I: met a girlfriend for a 2 1/2 hour cup of coffee, went to Chuckie Cheese with my daughter and grandson, enjoyed blizzards in the evening with family, went to a local Farmer's Market and bought oodles of fresh veggies and fruits, sat and talked with a 3 year old on a bench by a pond, watched baby birds getting ready to fly out of the nest right outside our front door, read in the tub, cleaned our condo here and there, bought a new computer and camera, and went on a hot date with my husband.

Hard to say what my favorite event was, they were all so wonderful.

So this week it's paperwork, phone calls, begin 3 x a week of pilates (to strenghten my back), invite several friends to meet for dinner, meet another girlfriend for coffee, play with our grandson for a morning to give his mama some time to catch up on work, cook those fresh veggies we bought, and take my first Mac class. And play Farmtown. And call my parents and two of my brothers, and book a trip to Mexico this fall. And read and knit baby booties. And invite my new next door neighbor to walk around the neighborhood, and meet with our financial planner, and clean the garage (still a horrid mess) and clean the fish aquarium.

It's hard to say what I'm looking most forward to this week either, most of it sounds wonderful too (not so much the garage).

Here are a few photos to share of what we've been up to (if I can figure out how to load them from our new camera and new Mac...):

My new favorite coffee cup. Can you read the caption... (the dog is saying, 'oh please, oh please...'). Cracking up is a great way to start any day.

Peach pie baked from freshly picked peaches - good enough to call supper all by itself!

Papa and Landon watching Little Bear when he came to visit this week. Hard to say who is more engrossed... rocky road ice cream to go with doesn't hurt! Look at him, don't you just want to squeeze the living daylights out of him? Me too. (That applies to either or both.)

A dinner celebration - just the two of us. We ate at one of our favorite places in Pittsburgh - the Georgetown Inn. It looks over the entire city, and they gave us a table right next to the window. The view was gorgeous. I told Don it's the first time I've worn pantyhose in at least 6 months!

One of three baby robins in its nest right outside our front door. One fell from the nest earlier this week and I almost jumped out of my skin when I opened the door and it was sitting 6" from me. I was so afraid it was going to hop inside and the parents were swooping and squawking. With our new camera's zoom, I was able to get a close look without upsetting its parents. I think worms must be pretty fattening; they've double in size in the past two weeks since I got home, and surely won't be in that little nest much longer.

Happy Week everyone - mine looks to be wonderful. Hope yours is too. I've gotten around to reading a few blogs out there but am still really behind. Hopefully I can do some catching up this week. I've missed reading all the goodness out there.

PS We find out the sex of our newest grandbaby this Friday. I'll tell you all the minute we hear.


Gretchen said...

There is almost too much goodness to comment upon. Enjoyed hearing about it all. Lurve the Far Side. We have a picture in our office which says, "Beware of Doug" (not dog), which tickles us because that's my hubby's name. Lurve that you think dessert is a fine excuse for dinner. Nice to hear that you're dating your hubs and your friends. And grammying a bunch, too. Can't wait to hear what color you'll be making booties/quilts, etc. And here! here! for a trip to Mexico.

Overwhelmed! said...

It took me a good month to get used to my mac after being a pc user all my life but now I love my mac!

Great post! :)

Jen said...

Sounds like an awesome week if you ask me. You started with a good cup of
I love watching Little Bear too. Miller prefers Franklin...not sure why they are almost the same show..different animal.
Peaches are so good right now..they equal the end of summer time if you ask me....great post...glad to know things are half way getting back to normal....2 hour coffee break with a friend...I'm jealous.

Becky said...

You know ... Simplicity is my WOY ... Word of the Year. It's a good life, isn't it Bev?

Have a great week.

Barb said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE your coffee mug. Perfect, you purger of dogs. LOL

I can't tell you how happy this post makes me. I've prayed so hard for you for the past three months, it's a relief to mark you off my list because finally, finally you can rest. And enjoy doing whatever the heck you feel like doing.

Hoorah for selling house and buying retirement homes and finally getting all your stuff at the right locations. And an even bigger hooray for finding out if it's a girl or a boy.

You deserve all the fun and rest you can enjoy now. xoxoxo

PS - You look stinkin' cute in that picture. My b-i-l is lookin' pretty good, too. :-)

Susanne said...

A wonderful week behind you and another good one in front of you. What could be better than those precious moments with your grandson in both weeks.

I've got 10 days of having my girl home so I'm going to soak in every precious minute of that!

Linda said...

I love both of your weeks - but I feel the same way about the garage.
It always feels good to slip into a pleasant routine.
What are pantyhose? :-)

Kelly said...

It all sounds like a welcome change from staging and packing, and any day involving peach pie has to be a good one.
Love the picture of you on your date, you look absolutely
radiant:-) However, the picture of your two boys and ice cream is a close second favorite... how cute are they together?