Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So Many Books...So Little Time

I love making resolutions, so at the end of 2008 I resolved to read only Fiction for all of 2009. Having a tendency towards non-fiction, I knew it would be a stretch for me, right up there with doing 100 sit-ups a day, so I didn't resolve about the sit-ups. A girl can only live with so much failure.

I also resolved to only read books from the library, or lends from friends, rather than break the bank at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I've done better on that count.

You can see on my sidebar what I've read so far. Considering our crazy life so far this year, I surprise myself that I've managed to read 14 in 2009, and it's only August. My goal is to have 24 under my belt by the time Dick Clark comes out and the ball drops. I've snuck in a few NF here and there, but mostly I've stuck to my guns, and it's been such great fun! Surprising to me, it hasn't been entertainment over education, but rather a saucy mix of both.

I went on a Jodi Picoult kick, after shunning her for years. Read My Sister's Keeper and was dying to see the movie (sorry for the pun), but missed it in the hullabaloo of moving. So we'll get it from RedBox or Netflix. Plain Truth was out in made for TV movie but I can't seem to find it. That's okay, as is usually the case, I've heard the book is better than the movie, actually in both cases. Darn those screen-writers, they flip the endings to suit themselves, and Jodi sure never worries about an ending pleasing anyone.

So I'm taking a bit of a JP break, and mixing it up a bit. Here's what I've got checked out or on request at our local library:

People of the Book, Geraldine Brooks
Suite Francaise, Irene Nemirovsky
Dewey: The Small Town Library Cat Who Touched the World, Vicki Myron
Summertime, Raffaella Barker
Modoc - True Story of Greatest Elephant That Ever Lived, Ralph Helfer
Story of Edgar Sawtelle, David Wroblewski

I heard about the first two at a birthday party recently, from a woman who's belonged to book clubs for years. Both sound like great reads.

I stumbled on Dewey while searching for something else on our library's website. Sounds delicious.

Summertime is a sequel to Hens Dancing, suggested by my daughter, Sarah. Have to read the sequel because HD was delightful.

Modoc lent to me by a very dear friend. Hubby snatched it up, but it looks to be a short read and I have a stack to get through right now anyway, so I'll be generous.

Edgar Sawtelle - I saw it on the NYT bestseller list, and decided to jump in. Checked it out, hubby - who never reads what I do - saw the cover and took it right out of my hands. After a renewal we had to return it, but he was deep within its covers by then, so we bit the $22 bullet and ordered it from Amazon. I mentioned it to Sarah while we were in Texas, she ran to the library and consumed it in three days, was overwrought by the ending which intrigues the living daylights out of me, Don finished it and declared it a great read, so now, finally, it's sitting on MY nightstand, patiently waiting. If you're looking for something to read, I'd strongly suggest this one, even though I haven't read it myself. Just please don't ask to borrow my copy!
So Many Books - So Little Time. Oh yeah, I have time and football season is just around the corner. As long as I keep producing chili and seven layer dip and such things, I can curl up in a corner for three hour blocks and read to my little heart's content.

That'll put me at 20 books for the year once I wade through them all. So any other suggestions for my last 4? What have you read this year that kept you up nights, caused your family to go unfed? I want to read books THAT good! And I'm not a legalist, but mostly I'm looking at fiction, trying to stick to my resolve here. And if you do 100 sit-ups every night before bed, please don't even tell me.


Sandee said...

"Redeemed" by Francine Rivers

Kelly said...

Well, it sucked me in but I'm not sure I'd recommend it... some of the language / subject was troubling, but still, "The Time Traveler's Wife". I couldn't put it down for the first 48 hours of vacation, but then was so relieved when it was finished. It is amazing how books can hold me hostage!Have you read that one? I chose it since I saw the movie was coming out, now I may skip the movie:-) They never seem to measure up!

Another one that was a pretty quick but good read was "Love Walked In", and it's sequel, whose name I have forgotten. Marisa De Los Santos is the author. Loved both of these.

"Home to Harmany" is a series of short stories (by Philip Gulley)that are sweet in the style of the Mitford series. Quick stories that were good to read at bedtime...didn't keep me up:-)

Leah in Iowa said...

You'll have to think of me when you read "Dewey", and let me know what you thought of the book. Spencer is only half an hour from where I live - go figure! Here's a link to Dewey's bio, FYI. =)

Sarah said...

Mom, here's a pronunciation link for "Francaise"--she may have recommended great books, but her French stinks :)├žaise/ Click on the blue arrow next to the word, and you'll hear a French woman pronounce it! Much like our experience with "gyro," which still makes me laugh out loud!

Happy reading--I'm STILL sad about the ES book! I loved it but hated it, you know? I'm reading Calico Bush, by Rachel Field, ironically the story of French girl living as a servant to a pioneer family. Thanks for the recommendations--I'm always on the hunt!

Kate said...

"The Help" by Katherine Stockett completely consumed me! And I just requested Edgar Sawtelle at the library. I'm always looking for good reads!

kristina said...

Hi Bev!! Glad your back is feeling better. :) Have you read "And The Shofar Blew" or "Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers?

Both great reads... but "Shofar" kept me up LATE nights because I could not keep my nose out of the pages!

Becky said...

I finally read Cold Mountain. It was great, although it is an old one and you've probably already read it.

I am into Dorothea Benton Frank now, Pauley's Island. I have read her before and enjoy her work. I needed something a little less intense after Cold Mountain.

After that is The Best Worst Time on recommendation of your sister. And I have Twenty Wishes by Debi Macoumber and Take Two by Karen Kingbury in the pile.

I love Jody Picoult. I read everything she writes. She writes what I call "smart fiction." She always writes about a moral quandry, always has a legal twist, and always suprises me at the end. And above all, she respects my emotions and knowledge and never wants me to believe anything that is not believeable. I like that in an author.

Val said...

I love The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield. It is great gothic fiction...damp old houses, deeply troubled families, and the question of identity. Everyone I know who reads it absolutely raves about the book, including friends who are in publishing.

Anonymous said...

I can't remember if you have read the "Harry Potter" series. That's the book that pretty much consumed my life.

Linda said...

I am a fiction reader and have felt sort of guilty about it (what with all of you reading such deep works of non-fiction) until I read a post of Sarah's wherein she confesses her love of fiction.
I figure with such good company maybe I'm not so shallow after all.
I have looked and looked for Hens Dancing. Is it an old book?
I finally read The Guernsey Island...
In fact I read it twice. It was one of those books that made me feel so sad when it was over. I wanted more!!

Kristin said...

I don't know if I've commented before but I very much enjoy your blog. I'll be interested in what you think of Dewey. I live in Iowa and am from Everly. It's a small town west of Spencer that is briefly mentioned in the book. I went to the Spencer Library often and remember Dewey wandering around.

Melissa said...

I have to agree with Sandee that I enjoyed "Redeemed," but I like Francine Rivers, although I actually liked "And the Shofar Blew" better and she has two great series "Women of the Bible" and "Men of the Bible," although I enjoyed the women series more.
Also, have you read "The Shack"? or how about the Harry Potter series? I realize it's meant for younger readers, but I have to admit to being hooked on each of them!

Sandee said...

My bad...I can't believe I gave you the wrong title for the Francine Rivers book! It is actually "Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers. I've only read the book two times! Most recently about a month ago! One would think I would remember the title. Regardless, it is an amazing book! A must read!

Barb said...

Got it - I've updated my wish list and plan to take it to the library.


SentimentsbyDenise said...

As you might have read on my blog recently (I posted about my latest book pile, too)I read mostly suspense thrillers or crime dramas (Fav authors: Mary Higgins Clark, Lee Child, Jeffrey Deaver, Meg Gardiner, Greg Iles). I've also been reading alot of Amish Fiction these past couple months - their lifestyle has always intrigued me.
On my Facebook profile, I have a BOOKS tab near the top of my wall - check out what I've been reading next time you're on.