Sunday, August 16, 2009

Playing with the Camera at the BallPark

Remember those free tickets we got, to go see the Pirates last week? We took our new camera with us, and played around with it a bit. We chose a Canon PowerShot SX10IS for several reasons. It has a flip out viewer but also one you can hold up to your eye when the sun is bright (the sun is bright in Texas much of the time!), it has a 200 zoom, and offers enough features that I can add it to my list of stuff to learn this fall and winter. We also bought rechargeable batteries and a recharger so we don't pollute the environment throwing out batteries left and right.

Here are some of our first photo efforts at the ballpark:

PNC Park is a beautiful stadium. We won't talk about the Pirates themselves....

What's a ballgame without a big, furry mascot?

Nice seats - we were right up close to the action. Several bats splintered and went flying and don't you just love the sound of a ball, coming in at over 90 mph, smacking the cathcher's mitt?

Last photo, taken as we walked across the 6th Street Bridge, at the end of the 7th inning. The next morning, when we saw that they lost by tons in the TWELFTH INNING, I was glad we'd called it a night. But it was a great night, maybe our last at PNC Park for a long time to come.


Dan and Janae said...

Wow--that camera can take amazing pictures! Nice job picking it out!

Gretchen said...

Love how you're enjoying each day. The contentment fairly leaps off the screen. May I do the same. xxxooo

Ann said...

Great pictures!! Sounds like you left at the right time!

Becky said...

The last time I went to a ball game we were so far up in the cheap seats that we had to laugh. The sound of the bat hitting the ball did not get to our ears until the batter was halfway to first base :)

I love baseball. It makes for great people watching, and good competition that I can actually understand.

You camera is taking great pictures. Well ... you are taking great pictures with your new camera. Enjoy learning about it.