Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Thought-Provoking Stuff From Barnes & Noble

I found these at Barnes and Noble last night. Not in the mood (or need) for more books, so I shuffled over to the end wall where the journals and such are displayed. Magnets for the refrigerator - fantastic stuff for $4.99 each. Much better than the one with the pizza delivery # on it!

I'm thinking early 40's. My daughter, Leslie, who is 28, said she thought she'd be 28! How about you?

And I really, really loved this one:

That Eleanor was a wise woman. Hmmm..... what will I do today that scares me just a little? If I don't come up with anything else, I could go looking for a cricket to pet.


Sarah said...

Hmm, today I feel 87. Goodbye August, hello head cold. Maybe by Friday I'll feel 33 again!

Today I waded barefoot across a creek bed of slippery rocks. Does that count? It might not, but I figure "killing" the snake twice should count a lot!

And I'm not sure if I agree with ER, but I don't really like adrenaline, either, so maybe the problem is just me :)

Kelly said...

Good question! I think I feel a good, solid 39, but I'm also not sure how this age is supposed to feel. I'm just glad it isn't "how old do I look"...after oversleeping and throwing on an ancient sweatshirt and yoga pants, that one might hurt:-)

Gretchen said...

I'd like to always be the age to bear least in my mind's eye. Kinda like men can (even at ages that they shouldn't!). But really...40 has been excellent in most every way. I can feel a bit of wear and tear on my hip, but other than that, I feel great, and the bags and gray are mostly kept at bay. I like having a little bit of mileage. Being 20 or 25...too young. ;)

Barb said...

Next week, when you're here, I'll loan you one of my black widow spiders. I guarantee you, it will scare you.