Sunday, October 4, 2009

Long Overdue Reunion

I went to one high school reunion. It wasn't that much fun, so I never went to another. I believe our 35th was held last year, but I passed on it.

Then I joined Facebook, and lo and behold one day I got an email from an old high school friend, Susan. Bless her heart, Susan remembered me better than I remembered her, yet she didn't let that really deter her from getting together. She not only remembered me, she remembered my dear friend, Tracie, and was in touch with her. I'd kept my old yearbooks from all those years ago, and pulled them out. It was such fun to find places where both friends had signed my yearbook, reading their comments from way back when.

Note: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER get rid of your yearbooks, no matter how much you may dislike your old boyfriend, or what your hair looked like, or what your friends may have written that you'd prefer your kids not read. Someday you're going to wish you had it, so hang onto it. Besides that, they cost a stinkin' fortune and should be kept for that reason if no other. It'll also likely make any hairdo you wear today look fabulous in comparison. Mine was stick straight, parted right down the middle and past my shoulders - sheer brilliance on my part since it made me look even taller and skinnier than I really was.

After many emails and Facebook messages, and a few plans that went askew, we made plans to meet for dinner and margaritas one night of my trek across Colorado. Susan and Tracie were both gracious enough to drive across town, after work, and meet me pretty near my Mom's home, at an old favorite restaurant - and for a change we had mexican food.... Are you beginning to see a pattern here?

I think one reason Susan and I bonded all those years ago was that we were both tall. Very tall. And unathletic. Tracie and I bonded because I was dating her older brother, and even though he and I are no longer married, our friendship has held up for 39 years. 39 years is a long time to stay friends, and even though we don't get to see each other very often, we haven't missed many birthdays or Christmas seasons to send photos and catch up letters. You just don't throw away friendships that have held up that long.

To see them in person was wonderful. Look how pretty they still are.

It was such fun to catch up on what we were up to these days, then we had a blast talking over all the old times. There were stories of dates gone bad, husbands gone bad, flashers, smoking, quitting smoking, mean teachers, trashy cheerleaders, sunburned eyes, skipping school, and all such stuff that high school is made up of. Susan had been to a few more reunions than me and was able to give us the dish on who was up to what. Alas, I still don't know what happened to my old Jr. High heart throb, Alan Eloe whose birthday (April 24) I still remember all these years later. Not that I had a bad crush on him or anything.

The time flew and the only reason we left was that we were all freezing from sitting outside for dinner. Colorado evenings can get cool! Hugging them goodbye was bittersweet, after going so long without seeing each other, we promised to make time again soon for another catch up session.

No promises, but we're considering including husbands the next time we get together.


Becky said...

How great is that??!?!?! Wonderful.

My oldest and dearest friend is a high school friend. We have known each other since 1975. And we still email several times a week, even though we don't see each other but about once in 8 years at this point.

She had 3 girls and I had 3 boys and no matter how we tried we did not have victory over our desire to have someone marry us together. Sigh.

AnnG said...

This is why I am loving Facebook, too!! Connecting with old friends and trying to remember all the rest!! Sounds like ya'll had a great evening!

Dawn said...

Reunions are a great way to meet old friends and make friendships with old acqaintences. FB sure is a helpful way to stay connected. we are actually about to have our 21st reunion - too many things were happening last year for it to be planned, but this year look out.

pendy said...

What a wonderful story. FB has reconnected me with high school and college friends and for that, I love it.

Anonymous said...

All three of you look great and still young! : - )

Gretchen said...

Wow! Isn't that great?! The three of you look like you just picked right up where time left off. This bloggy/Facebook/twitter thing is a blessing when we get to have MIRLs and reconnects like this. And I think you're ALL pretty.