Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sleepover at Papa and Grammy's

The typical sleepover at our place involves a couple shows of Little Bear with Papa, snuggling on the sofa, then books and prayers when Landon is tucked into the little toddler bed we kept here for just these times.

Then the next morning is all about staying in pjs as long as possible, Saturday morning Noggin and french toast or waffles or pancakes.
Pancakes shaped into little pumpkins.

Lots of butter, lots of syrup, of course. That's the whole point of pancakes, isn't it?

And cereal necklaces to take home. One for Landon, one for momma to eat later!

Soaking up these times with this little boy, storing them in my heart to remember later, down the road, when too many miles separate us.


Gretchen said...

So sweet and so dear, my friend. With a little bittersweet mixed in. Happy for the families you'll see more often. Sad for the one you won't. What a great treasure box of memories, though.

Kelly said...

Good times for sure. What rich memories he is storing up as the foundation of his family... the warmth of those times are what he will always recall when he thinks of you, no matter how far apart you are. Pure love (with a little syrup for extra sweetness:-) )

pendy said...

Memories for BOTH of you. Love it.

Robin said...

That tears at my heart just a little bit -I certainly understand how the separation of miles feels :)

I love all the simple little memory-making activities you two do together. A true storehouse of rich memories for the future.

elizabeth said...

And it shows that the simplest things can be the best. I had completely forgotten about cereal necklaces and now can't wait to see my granddaughter and share that moment with her.