Friday, October 30, 2009

Super Cute I think!

Here's what the Saturday Stitchers are going to start work on this Saturday morning - a Family Holiday Table Runner.

I thought I better make up one before class, just to be sure I could do it. The moms attending the class will be taking home white squares of cloth and fabric markers and getting their kids to provide the art work for the center of the table runner. I had to improvise since my 'kids' all have kids of their own now. No little hands to trace, although I am thinking maybe I could get all our grandkids to trace around their hands right onto this - how sweet would that be, with their name and the year written on each little handprint?

My table runner isn't perfect but it's good enough. Hopefully these newbie seamstresses will feel more accomplished after finishing this first project. They'll have learned straight and zig zag seams, turning edges under 1/4", topstitching, turning a project inside out to have nice corners, piecing together a few patches of a quilt, and that's after they learn how to thread their machine and wind a bobbin - quite enough for lesson #1 I think.

P.S. Mine was made up using a tablecloth I found at a garage sale. The girls will be using a mocha muslin for theirs.


Becky said...

I think that is just wonderful. And what pride they can take in displaying this on their Thanksgiving table and saying, "I MADE THAT!"

And a memory. And every skill they are learning in lesson #1 can be translated into other projects later on.

I LOVE it!

Gretchen said...

Lurve it! Might have to steal this idea to make and teach on my own. :)

Now if you would just run garment tutorials for me, I'd be all set.I always think: I can quilt, but i can't sew. Silly, I know.

pendy said...

What a great project for beginners...and it's something they will keep always (as opposed to my first sewing project, a hideous pleated skirt in 8th grade home ec).

Can't wait to see some of the finished products!

Chris said...

That is so pretty! And it's always great to be able to re-use thrifted things. I think your sewing group will love the project. Wish I had a group like that around here!