Monday, December 28, 2009

Santa Clause flew down the chimney we don't have

Santa said I'd been a good girl, well good enough, so he was very good to me. He completely understood that I NEEDED a new sewing machine and he even let me pick it out myself, that Santa!It was a lot of fun watching my portable Janome leave our apartment too, tucked under the arm of an accomplished seamstress who found herself without a machine. She was just tickled pink over it and I was tickled to find it a good home. It sold in one day, so thank you Craig's List, again.

I've never had a machine that offered much more than the basic stitches so this one should be a lot of fun. I went with a Brother PC-420 PRW, ordered through Amazon, and purchased through AllBrands. The one sewing project I kept here in PA with me is a two year's over due quilt for Landon. Tradition is that each grandchild gets a quilt on their one year birthday, not that I've ever hit that mark, but a girl can still have goals! So I pulled out the fabrics for Landon's quilt - fun stuff with moose and bear and elk and rocks and trees - very manly stuff for his quilt. My goal is to have it finished before we move in three months, and it'll be a great way to break in my new machine (which happens to have a stippling stitch included!) Maybe, just maybe I can have Jae's one year quilt in time for her first birthday, next Christmas. I thought I'd start with adding our names to our stockings using some of the wool I felted for the sewing classes we just finished. A stocking without a name is just sad, don't you think?

When I asked for machines to be donated by our church we got one. It's over 60 years old, the machine seems to have frozen up, there are no additional feet, no instructions, one bobbin so I gently told the person who donated it I think it's going to take more work than it's worth to get it going. (A similar machine was listed on ebay for $24 so repairs likely wouldn't be smart.) She did not ask me to return it....

But the table? The table is a huge blessing to me because I had nowhere to sew except the kitchen table, which made for a frightful mess and difficulty eating spaghetti and such.

We added a board across the top of the sewing table, rearranged the already over-crowded second bedroom and I am so tickled to have a spot to sew! Makes me feel like Cinderella - "In my own little corner, in my own little chair, I can be whatever I want to be!" (Minus the soot on my face.)

Oh, you wanted, needed to see a few more photos of our newest family member? Absolutely glad to oblige.

I can only imagine what this brand new Daddy is thinking about his brand new baby girl. Probably something like he's going to let her date when she's 25.

The ride home from the hospital. Wonder if they were terrified? I sure was when we brought home the first one, having no idea on God's Green Earth what I was doing at the ripe old age of 20. Thank you, Sarah, for making it and being patient with my ineptness.



Lynne said...

It looks like you got 2 great gifts for Christmas! Enjoy both of them!

Michelle said...

Congratulations Granny and Grandpa!!! what a precious gift to receive..Janae is very clever indeed..
(So is Dan ;-)

Happy New year!

Barb said...

She's beautiful and the photo of Dan with his new baby is just precious.

I'm tickled for you that you got that machine and that you also got a sewing spot!

Karen said...

More sweet pictures! And I'm really excited that you got a new sewing machine for Christmas. I'm saving my pennies for a new one myself (I've never had a new one--only hand-me-downs from my mom and MIL--for which I've been very grateful, but have decided a new one might be in order.) You obviously think Brother is the way to go? That's what I've been thinking, but have not chosen a model that I'm set on. Do you have any thoughts to share after doing your research? I was originally looking at a $300-$400 price range, but also want to make sure I get a good machine that will last me a good long while. I'd love to hear any comments you have! Love and blessings, Karen