Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Technology is such a blessing!

When our first grandchild was born, 8 1/2 years ago, it took 5 days for us to see a photograph of him. That's when the hospital posted his photo on their website. I still remember seeing it come up - this tiny baby with a blue knitted cap on his head, and the flood of emotions. We didn't get to meet him up close and personal til he was five weeks old, due to September 11 and a son with an emergency hospital stay, so that one photo was manna to my soul for awhile.

Eight years later our fifth grandchild has just arrived one the scene. I get to meet her this coming Sunday, but already I've seen a couple dozen photos of her, with the first one being hours after she was born, after I texted her Daddy (who happened to be a bit busy) and said, 'We need one photo please!' and it came through a cell phone, not even a digital camera.

I've been able to post a few of those photos so Great Aunts and Great Great Grandmothers can check out this newest addition to our family - so great! Not as good as being there and snuggling her myself, but enough that it'll hold me for a few more days anyway. Thank you, brilliant people who came up with all the technology it took to let us check out this beautiful granddaughter, 1200 miles away!

And it's decided - this one photo is my hand's down favorite! Every family can use another girly girl.


Gretchen said...

I've been reading your and Sarah's account of this wee one. Blessings! She is precious. But you know that, already.

I remember having my husband take pictures of our first born to the 1hour photo development place (remember those?) and popped them in the mail that day, so my mom could see.

Robin said...

What a precious Christmas gift to your family! And I agree about the technology. We skyped all the time with the kids in Peru and it was the same way. Not quite as good as touching them, but so much better than nothing at all.
Enjoy your snuggles with that wee grandgirl!

Karen said...

Congratulations! What a blessing! She is just gorgeous, and how wonderful was it to see pics right away.
I have to agree with you about technology. I had my laptop at the hospital when I had my baby last year and was able to send pics out to everyone. Does your family use Skype yet? It's so easy and that is a blessing in itself. My SIL is in Afghanistan right now and we used Skype at Christmas. We set the laptop on the hearth and he was able to interact with us and watch his kids open gifts -- it was priceless!
I got a new Brother sewing machine also. I can't believe how much fun it is, and it's so quiet. Have a great day!

Judith said...

Well maybe I can at least get this comment right. Not doing so well with the computer, otherwise.

Getting almost instant information and the pictures too, means more than you can all know, until you are great-grand mams.

Am I looking at that last pic exactly right. Is that freshly
born babe already wearing lipstick! My word, how times have changed!

Robin said...

What a blessing! Congrats! Now you need to download skype (it's free!). My grandaughter lives in Philadelphia and I live in California. She is seven months old and it is such a joy when my son calls us on Skype and has our sweetie in her high chair. I watch her play while my son and I catch up and I can talk to her. You will love this for all of your grandchildren. You do need a camera on each persons computer but if yours does not come with one, they are under 50 dollars. Well worth it! Enjoy your new little one.

Bev said...

Mom you made me laugh out loud - I promise she's not wearing lipstick, she's just blessed with pretty lips! I think all that pink splashed around her makes her lips look even more red than they are! I promise, times haven't changed THAT much. xoxo

Karen said...

She's a DOLL! Oh my word, so precious--I know you are bustin' at the seams proud! Love and blessings! Karen

Barb said...

What would we do without the technology? How awful it would be to have to wait to see this adorable baby.

There's not a doubt in my mind that she's going to be a girly girl. :-) I know you can't wait to hold her for the first time tomorrow.