Friday, February 19, 2010

Brilliance is Apparently Not Inherited

She's related, (and maybe, just maybe I'm not completely objective) but honestly she is just coming up with the best ideas lately! If you're a young mom or a Grammy who needs to entertain the grandkids when they come to visit, or you want to organize your winter wear - you can go check out her latest posts.

She seems to be on a roll lately. Maybe I should ask what she's eating since this brilliance I'm seeing obviously isn't inherited, at least not maternally.

An idea that ends up with a kid looking like this - has to be a great idea. He's coming for an overnight stay with us in just a couple of days, and I'm absolutely doing this with him, just so I can see his face light up like that again. When my own son was about this age, and we'd manage to wrangle him into the tub, he'd come out with the bar of soap still dry. If we'd come up with this idea I suspect we'd have been fighting to keep him out of the tub instead.


Gretchen said...

I'm not sure, but I think they can do that on windows, too (e.g. a slider) w/o the food coloring. Darling pic.

Bev said...

Thanks Gretchen for the tip - we finally got to do this today and he had such fun! I had a hard time trying to get photos that were G-rated for all the naked wiggling!