Thursday, February 18, 2010


My husband leaves today for his last overnight business trip E.V.E.R. After 32 years of them, today is the last one. He and his replacement are headed to Virginia to check out a few things, probably eat something really fattening involving beef at Applebees (he always eats at Applebees when he travels apart from me) and spend the ten hours on the road talking over transferring the position from him to the new guy.

For the past three years, while he traveled, and while my daughter and her family lived here, when he was away I stayed home and did projects. Or was lazy and unproductive but attempted to do projects. It somehow never occurred to me to go stay with Leslie and her family and play. Not that I'm ever, ever scared of being alone - I enjoy a large swath of personal space and time. If I was ever going to be scared of being alone, when I was 17 years old and moved out on my own into a really questionable part of town - that's when I should have been scared, but didn't have the sense to be. So why bother now? If nobody broke in and abducted or maimed me then, it's likely not going to happen now.

So the idea just hit me last week, when I heard about this last trip that I could invite myself to their place for 'stay-cation'. So I did, and they said yes, and that's where I am now.

Here's what we're busy doing - playing in the snow, because we certainly have an abundance of it; making homemade waffles and omelets for my son-in-law; watching Julie and Julia (first time for Leslie, 4th for me) because it's about getting published and she needs inspiration to keep pushing to get published; knitting a sweater; sewing window treatments; watching the Olympics a little; watching American Idol a lot; enjoying the smell of a fresh-from-sleep bed-head kid in the early mornings; reading books; playing Candyland and Hungry Hippo and Hi-Ho-Cherrio. Great stuff.

Stay-cation - such a great idea, I wish I'd thought of it sooner. Are you stuck inside with all this wintry weather? Maybe you need to invite yourself somewhere, or invite someone else to come join you.

And a P.S. Happy Birthday to my oh-so-sweet daughter, Sarah. Wish we could spend it together, and next year, by golly, we will! Maybe next year Dad and I will invite ourselves for 'stay-cation' at your place! I'll show up with a birthday cake, guacamole and chips, and my knitting needles - you can give Dad some jobs to make him feel handy, and we'll have a blast together. How about that?


Kelly said...

Love it! I always loved when I had babies because my Mom would come and stay and we could hang out and figure out things like breast pumps and baby swings, so why not have a visit without the excuse of a newborn?

We could get lots done and still sleep through the night:-) Enjoy your visit- I'm sure Landon loves waking up to you there in the mornings!

AnnG said...

Sounds like a great time for all!!

Susan said...

Great idea!! And sounds like a fun, blessed time.

Bev said...

I'm back home, hubby will be in just a bit; we finished three windows of curtains, made a pillow cover, went to the fabric store, made waffles, watched a movie, stayed up way too late one night but solved most of the world's problems!, snuggled extra long in bed in the morning - overall a rousing success! Highly recommend it!

Barb said...

Going to stay with Les was a great idea. Sounds like you are all having a great time together.

I remember that apartment you moved into. It really was awful, wasn't it? I seem to remember you had two cats in that apartment with you and for some reason I seem to remember them floating outside your door, in a cardboard box. Did you have a flood there?

Probably not. I'm probably nuts. :-)

The photos in your last post made me shiver. I'm with you - March 21st can't get here quickly enough for me!

Becky said...

Well I love that idea. Stay-cation in PA this year and TX next year. Both your girls will enjoy having you.

And ps ... I need your guacamole recipe. Can you believe I have never, ever made guacamole? Well, last Friday night I was at Jasper's house waiting for the Butler to come pick me up and Jasper's daddy threw together some guacamole and gave me some and I thought to myself ... "Why have I never made this stuff?"

Well, the Butler won't eat it, that's why. But I went and bought an avacado anyway and I'm making me some this weekend.

Have fun!

cheri said...

I'm so glad you were able to do this. Sounds like a wonderful time.

Hope you and your hubby are enjoying all these last things. It won't be long now! (We have 71 days!)

leslie said...

We LOVED our stay-cation with you!! Thanks for everything. It was such fun! :)

Sarah said...

YES!! Party for me next year! Although this one turned out really fun--Chris surprised me with a cake, candles, and Derric & Yanci singing to me at dinner, and I got to see all my friends and go to a great worship service. Not bad, huh? But next year sounds even better, because I can do all of that AND have you come stay with us! Perfect! 35 is already sounding fun . . .

Gretchen said...

Wonderful! All of it. Sounds like Sarah had a great day, too. I'm taking notes from you, my friend. On how to live life to the fullest and do less thinking about it and more doing about it.