Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bluebirds and Walks and Lucky and such...

Things I'm thinking about:

My old library (average of 3 visits a week) has 138,886 volumes.
My new library (30 minutes away) has 63,375.

Book nerds check out things like this. The new library doesn't have the relatively new fiction book I'm reading. That tells me I may be reading more classics and less NY Times Bestseller list, not necessarily a bad thing. Possibly we need a hammock somewhere on the property to curl up with those books we're going to read. Or maybe in the sunporch with the ceiling fan.

Sonic is 10 minutes away here, 30 minutes away there. Being newly retired, we now have more time to go to Sonic, and more time to work it off on the ellyptical - a good trade off I think.

The only place I've seen bluebirds in PA is on our walking trail or in the state parks. Bluebirds like open fields and our home had woods behind it. Good for cardinals, goldfinches, woodpeckers and many other birds, but not Eastern bluebirds. There is a family that seems to make a habit of building their nest in a box mounted on the previous owner's volleyball pole. I'm not sure there's a better way to start the day than sipping a cup of coffee on the deck, watching bluebirds feed their little ones.

I love that we already call our new home 'the lakehouse'. We want it to be the place the entire family comes to get away from it all.

I'm excited that we'll get to know life on the lake, be able to tell what the incoming weather is going to be from the look of it. We'll hear fish jumping in the early morning and evenings as the sun is setting.

I'm going to love the sound of Don saying, 'I think I'll just throw out my line a few times' and I can tell him, 'that's fine, I'll call you when supper is ready.' And he'll be 100 yards from our back door. And I can watch him fishing from our kitchen window.

Our neighborhood is relatively flat and the road makes a big winding circle, perfect for bike rides or early morning walks. Probably a good way to meet the neighbors.

Spring is the perfect time to move into a place, to check out what's coming up in the beds. Discover the gifts of perennials the previous owners left for us.

There are fried catfish feeds every single Friday night within ten minutes of any direction we turn. One is at the local gas station turned mini restaurant - I love that. We plan to take all our family members to eat at the gas station. Hope they love that.

I'll be planting a garden, for the first time in twenty years, sometime in April. I've already bought the labels for the salsa I'm going to make from the tomatoes I'm going to grow.

Our bed is already made, the coffee pot is already in place with our favorite mugs in the cupboard, waiting for us. Thank you, God, that we already did the big move last summer so this time won't be nearly so overwhelming. Or hot. And we're related to the one driving the van this time, so I know when he says he'll be there Wednesday night he'll be there Wednesday night. I'll feed him a steak for being on time, and hug his neck too.

It's going to be nice to have it feel a teensy bit like home when we walk in the door. Most of our family will be there, waiting for us, when we pull up. The rest will be two hours away, waiting for us to show up to celebrate Easter together. The first time in three years that we'll all be together, and there's a new baby to celebrate this year too!

I'm thinking I may just need a cat. Or two. Possibly an older, male cat that nobody wants and I'll name him Lucky. Maybe he'll eat the lizards for me.

How am I gonna talk Don into building a tree house for those grandkids? Grandpas never want them because they're questionable when it comes to safety, but every little boy wants a treehouse to play in. And we need a tire swing too, I'm pretty sure.

I can't wait to hang the sign I just bought for the boathouse "Swimsuits optional beyond this point." It should scare the neighbors a bit and make our kids wonder about us.

Looking ahead and dwelling on happy thoughts of what's waiting down south.


Karen said...

As I read your last two posts, they bring all-too-familiar emotions to the front of my mind. Having just packed us up and moved us less than a year ago, those "moving emotions" are still very real to me. I understand what you are going through, and I'll be praying for you over these last days in PA and your first days in TX. I'd hug you if I could...

Love and blessings to you, Karen

Kristina said...

I loved reading this!! It is surreal to think that 'the big move' was so long ago, and the real move is just around the corner!! We had my parents over for dinner the other night, and used the white dishes that I snagged from your trash pile last summer... my mom said she wishes she could have grabbed them!! It makes me happy to have part of you here at my house.

I agree, too, about your neighborhood! It would be great for meeting new neighbors, and I am jealous of it. We live right on the highway, so that's no fun. It's not functional for walking or jogging, either!! Enjoy your last little bit of time in PA!

-Kristina :)

Dan and Janae said...

ps--I think every little girl needs a tree/play house too!!

Renna said...

When out driving, if you notice other drivers waving at you, don't be alarmed, it's just the southern way.

My stepbrother and his wife came down (to Texas) for a visit from Ohio one winter. They went for a drive while here, just to look around. They kept noticing people waving at them. They finally pulled off the side of the road to make sure nothing was amiss with their car, or that a seat belt or coat hem wasn't hanging out the door. They couldn't imagine why else people kept waving at them, other than to possibly alert them to something. Apparently, waving while driving isn't done in Ohio. We all got a good laugh out of their story. ;-Þ

Big Mama said...

So excited for you, Bev. As I read your post it brought back so many memories of spending summers at my grandparents' lake house. Those were some of the best times of my childhood!

Becky said...

The picture you paint today is so lovely. Homey and active and inviting and restful and FUN! Which is what it is all about in my book. Quiet times beside a lake. Sunrises/sets beside a lake. Walks in circle (I grew up on a circle road and it was amazing).

I am a bit jealous. Just enough to want to hear every little detail just like this.

I am so excited for you both!

Glenda said...

Oh, I wanna' go, too! Sounds like a little bit of heaven you're going to!! Blessings to you and all your family!

mombo said...

You need to check out Neil Sperry's books on Texas gardening. He's the expert on fruit, vegetable, and flower varieties the work best in each area. I miss gardening and have gone entire years without okra because no stores had it fresh!

leslie said...

We've got the cat thing covered for you. After being attacked by Smokey two nights ago Miah agreed to be renamed "Lucky-to-be-out-of-here", "Lucky" for short.

Bev said...

I'd take her if #1 Dad would agree and #2 if I didn't know what Landon's face would look like when he realized Grammy took back the cat she gave him. I'm pretty sure he loves her more, or the idea of having her at least, than even I do.

Gretchen said...

I've so missed stopping by. I could not be more thrilled for your new garden, hearing fish flopping, and watching your sweetie teach all those grandkids to fish. Counting on a quilting retreat sometime in the future, too. I'll bring the red vines & Fritos with bean dip. ;) xxxooo