Monday, March 15, 2010

Family Photo Album - Riviera Maya

Update: Raccoon creature is a coatamundi. Still working on the bird...

A welcoming touch to our room... ate the chocolate wafer, admired the covered grapes.

Views from our second floor room...

Coconuts abound!

Pedicured toes taking it easy by the pool that went forever.

That is absolutely not a high spare tire around my middle. It's a crease in the photo.

Hot Caribbean trip companion!
A pair of swans swimming by every morning during breakfast.

Lovely start to every day - mexican coffee and breakfast buffet which included vast amounts of pastries.

Some people called these raccoons. One lady called them the 'cute mexican bears'. We called them lemurs but honestly who knows. They were everywhere there was food and very friendly.

An albino peacock. I managed to get one of his longest tail feathers (already removed from his body. I did NOT pull it out.)

The sixth one is missing, but these guys live their whole lives in one little pond. Very pretty. Reminded me of my sister, Barb who happens to love them.

This guy visited everybody, walking up and down the pathways. There were no closed doors - everything was wide open all the time.

No idea what this guy is - but he sure was pretty.

Iguanas - not my favorite. Hard for me to believe people pay money to have these as pets.

Every day someone had made a fabulous sculpture out of sand. I loved this one.

Our beach was a good mile long, and the perfect place for an afternoon walk every day.

Huge pelicans that stooped here, looking for lunch.

More of my raccoon buddies, as we were walking back to our room.
It's amazing how many show up when you pull out a bag of cheese nips. I got to feed them from my hand and only one was a bit feisty. Most of them were sweet and gentle.

We're as busy as a one-armed paper hanger right now, getting ready to move south in two weeks, but I'll post the rest of the photos in a day or three. We're busy but we're reasonably rested, tan as all get out and happy as clams to be together.


Becky said...

A crease in the photo! Of course! I have the same crease :)

And I agree, I think they are lemurs.

Wow! What an absolutely beautiful place for a first week of retirement. And maybe a week every year thereafter to celebrate life!

Just lovely!

Kelly said...

Oh my gosh, first of all, I hope I look so fabulous when we celebrate retirement- you look great:-)

Second, when you said the lemurs were everywhere, I assumed you meant one at a time. Have mercy! I think I might have been a little unnerved by a pack of them on the sidewalk! Too funny!

Looks like an amzing trip, and I can only imagine how chaotic things are right now. Praying all is going well for you.

Judith said...

Thank you, thank you for such a colorful tour.

Those striped tail creatures and the beach sand sculpture sure make you want to be there, but what I liked best was the view from your window, and the absence of crowds.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

It looks idyllic, Bev. We're not supposed to envy or covet, so I'll just say I hope I get to go there someday. ;o)

Your critters are coatimundis. Here's a link to the Wikipedia page if you'd like to read a little about them:

Only 2 more weeks until you're practically my next door neighbor! :o)

Have a great week, and soak up all the Landon juice you can.

Love and hugs,


Sarah said...

Those pictures have me rethinking Seattle for our vacation this summer . . .

And the peacock feather part made me laugh--I'm pretty sure he wouldn't let you pull one off him! You can try going after Alfred's when you get here, but he has 2 inch long spurs--I'll have the camera ready for that one!!

Glenda said...

Thanks for letting us in on some of the beautiful sights of your trip! Amazing beauty! Seems that retirement life is off to a wonderful start for the two of you!

leslie said...
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leslie said...

By the way...your last paragraph is TOTALLY you. It's "chalked full" of Bevisms. :)

Barb said...

Did you have to choose such a shabby place? lol

Your photos are beautiful, you look fabulous and I just love every single thing about this post.

I'm so glad you two did this. I can't think of a better first week of retirement.

All your photos are amazing...just amazing. xo

Susanne said...

So fun, I feel like you given me a little vacation with your photos! What a way to kick off your retirement!