Sunday, April 25, 2010

Was Easter Really 3 weeks ago?

Oh my, we're so off schedule I didn't realize it'd been that long.

That's okay - the photos are too cute to miss posting them. We almost pulled off having all 13 of us together at one time, but not quite. We did, however, get all five grandkids together for an Easter egg hunt at Uncle Pace and Aunt Poppy's place.
Landon and Miss Addie were friends at this moment, but a few seconds later she was ready to smack the fire out of him for doing something boyish, and he was running for his life. Addie is three months older than Landon, she weighs somewhere around 25 lbs and he weighs around 45. Someday she won't even think of tearing out after him.

Our newest family member, Miss Jae Beth. She's not quite old enough for egg hunts, maybe next year. I think Dan and Janae gave her an Easter basket anyway. Look at those thighs - impressive, aren't they?

The perfect place for an egg hunt - the side pasture. Just have to watch for snakes in the stick piles. (Leslie, I hereby officially apologize for posting you with your hair looking so fabulous.)

Uncle D hoisting Landon and Grayson; they must think he's so big. Oh yeah, he IS big.

End of day - happy but dirty kids, all stuck in the tub together while Aunt Nessie supervises. The water was N.A.S.T.Y.

Perfect end to the day - Uncle Pace gave the bathers glow sticks - super cool!

So we're just not a well-oiled machine lately; next I'll post the fabulous photos from our trip to Fossil Rim the day after Easter (3 weeks tomorrow). Great close ups of giraffe tongues, etc.


Becky said...

What a fun memory maker that day was! For everyone!

Addie's hair is so long and pretty, and Miss Janae is just beautiful ... thighs and all :) I am so glad you got to enjoy the family so well.

leslie said...

I don't understand. Are you saying my hair DOESN'T look fabulous in these pics?!?! ;)

Love the one of Addie and Landon (I agree with Becky; HER hair does look beautiful!). I'm stealing that one! And, yeah...the water does look pretty creepy!

Dan and Janae said...

Les I think you hair looks fab all the time ;)