Monday, December 15, 2008

An Entire Day

That's what we're setting aside today. After the second run to the post office, this time to send packages south, it's a day of holiday play. Once I know Mr. Mailman will get our packages to family, then the pressure is off and I can just play til December 25.

I'm picking Leslie and Landon up at 10 am sharp, for an entire day of 'getting ready for Christmas' stuff. We'll do some last item shopping, then plans are for a 'fun lunch' somewhere which means they come to the table and ask what you want, bring it, and keep coming back to refill the diet coke. Then Target, Walmart, Petsmart, Michaels, and whatever else our youngest shopping partner can muster energy for.

Then home to put Landon down for what's usually a long enough nap it could qualify as professional, while we wrap presents, bake wreath cookies (Leslie's holiday favorite) and I might get to decorate the tree. When Landon is up from nap he can help me finish decorating the bottom branches before I deliver him and his pretty momma back to their doorstep.

I'll hopefully see Leslie again just a few hours later for a 'No Boys Allowed' Christmas party with wine and dessert, and no doubt lots of talking and laughing at my sweet friend Cathy's house.

Then home to watch the Survivor reunion (via Tivo, one of man's greater inventions), because thanks to football games running over yesterday it was too late when they finally announced that Bob, the 57 year old physics teacher won, to stay up and hear the rest of the scuttlebutt from this season's show. (Our favorite constestant never wins, so we were darned tickled that he did, but I did think Sugar deserved a vote or two over do-nothing Susie). And if you watched Survivor this year, were the people on the jury especially nasty and awful this year or what? Who on earth would ever hire horrible Randy to video their wedding. It would be like inviting Atilla the Hun, and you'd have no guarantee he wouldn't show up with that awful mohawk! I'm amazed those people hold jobs somewhere out in the real world...

So a day of perfection this time of year, with family and a little helper, out and about with everyone else finishing up holiday preparations, then festivities with friends. It doesn't get much better than that!


Gretchen said...

What an awesome day with some of your favorite peeps ever! Enjoy.

We were thrilled with Bob's win, and even touched that he was so entirely speechless. Corrinne and Randy--worst than the Grinch on his worst day. I can almost understand Randy's baggage, but Corrinne? What is UP with her?

Becky said...

I sure do hope you are having a great time!

I spent my day in the kitchen baking biscotti for the Butler's team at church. Oh, man is it good. It was my breakfast, and my lunch, and it may be my teatime snack too.

Double batch :)


Becky said...

And I have never even seen Survivor. Never ever. I hope I am not missing anything essential.

Robin said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time! You sound like you can pack a lot of activity into a short amount of time - either you are highly organized or I'm just slow!
Didn't click with Survivor this year - although in the past it has been a favorite.

Kelly said...

What a fabulous day:-)

Enjoy from begining to end!

joan said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! Hope you enjoy every minute!

Jen said...

I love days like that too. Me and mom go once a week..we love it.
On Survivor I was thrilled Bob won...I wished Sugar would have gotten the $100,000 or wished Bob would have given her the money....she got him where he was....and Susie...blah.

Susanne said...

Sounds like a perfectly wonderful day!

I was totally disgusted with that Corrinne and her comments to Sugar. I really did think Sugar would win. She basically ran the whole show. LOL. And wow, did she look like a modern day version of Marilyn Munroe or what?

Anyway, enjoy your "entire day"!