Monday, February 9, 2009

Everybody Needs a Hero

I've had a few heros over the years. I'm blessed to say Manly is my first and primary.

When my Dad protected me from some boys at the sandpit, about 40 years ago, and ended up flinging their motorcycle into the water, well, I'll never forget that.

When my brother, Gary, took the whipping but we'd both snuck out at night, that one stands too.

When my son, Dan, told the boy on the bus he'd give him a whipping if he ever talked about his mother again - well, what mother wouldn't love that? (The kid said I looked like a hillbilly, after seeing me covered with mulch and sweat. His mother was a model and did not mulch, apparently...)

So there have been a few, but I have to tell you this:

My sister has my full admiration and respect, for what she's doing. You can go here to read about it, and hopefully be praying for her and Rob while they fight it.

Manly quit just over ten years ago, after smoking for a good 25 years. My mother quit about ten years ago also, after smoking for a long time. I smoked a few times, usually for short periods of time when I was either just being stupid or in a really stressful time. Thank the Good Lord I quit - the day I found out I was pregnant with our daughter, Leslie. So I know it's hard, and I'm praying my head off for Barb and Rob.

We've talked for years of taking a vacation to the beach, wearing floppy hats, and baggy beach capris, with our Mom. I'd like to think her quitting will go a long way to making this a real possibility. It's not the Outer Banks, but Galveston will be only a hop and a skip away when we move, and I'm pretty sure we could pull this dream trip off. First, we need to keep her around and healthy.

I've been so touched to see the support she's been given by everybody out there who follows her blog. I'd love for this post by her to get more comments than any she's ever done. Wouldn't that speak volumes of encouragement to them!


Pam said...

I already told her so myself, but I am thrilled to join in singing praises for your hero, Bev. Barb has touched my heart numerous times over the years I have followed her blog, and I count it a privilege to pray for her and Rob as they tackle this part of their journey together.

May we all rejoice in their victory and may that trip to the beach be a sweet one!

Barb said...

You have no idea how this touched me Bev. Combined with all the prayer I can literally feel surrounding me, I know for sure that I can do this. So I know that Rob can do it too because there's no way he's going to let me show him up. :-)

Still spacy today, but thid is day #3 so I'm getting there.

Galveston would be perfect. Maybe by the time we make it there, they'll have it all rebuilt. I haven't been to Galveston since I was a teenager, actually right around the time I started smoking. How amazing is that?


Kelly said...

I love seeing the sweet relationship you two share- makes me glad my girls have each other as forever friends, too.

I've been praying for Barb and Rob, I can't even imagine fighting that addiction (I an't even give up sweet tea for heaven's sake!), and can't wait to hear their success. It's so great that they are doing this together... if not only for the support then for the competition- ha!

Gretchen said...

I, too, am so proud and full of admiration for Miss Barbtha. What great sisters you are for each other. I sent others over, too. The blogosphere can be a very loving, inspirational place. I'm thrilled to see all the support for Barb and Rob, too.

Becky said...

I think it the bravest thing I have ever seen someone do. Really. To come clean with a secret that makes her sad to say, and to do it in such a public way.

She deserves to be your hero, Bev. And you are so dear to announce that as well. You both are so good for each other.

Jen said...

You know I adore Barb and you. I have been praying for her. I sent her a note and encouraged her. She is a strong woman and God is on her side. You are a good sister....i enjoy the two of you so much. You both have inspired me and I hope you know that.

Lynne said...

I'm sending thoughts and prayers out to Colorado. It's such a hard thing to do - to quit something you've been doing as long as she has. But she will do it, as will Rob. To succeed at something, you have to have the "want to's" - and they do!

We're all behind them 110%.

Robin said...

I'm so proud of Barb! I have not the slightest doubt in my mind that she will accomplish this. And as I was thinking about all this after I went to bed last night it occurred to me that with all the money she will save, maybe she could go to the ocean. For you to go together would be amazing!

Diane@Diane's Place said...

As I've already told Barb, I'm praying and rooting for her and Rob. I have every confidence that they can kick the habit for good.

You are such a good little sis to encourage Barb and support her the way you do. I know she appreciates it more than she can put into words and she loves you more than she can ever express.

Love you, my friend. :o)


Becky said...

I just came from leading my women's Bible study. We're doing Beth Moore's Esther study and one of her points was how our transparency about our own struggles can be a huge encouragement to others who may be facing a similar issue. I really think Barb's honesty and her willingness to share will not only be accountability for her, but perhaps a help to someone else who is walking the same path. She has been in my thoughts and prayers on and off throughout the day. She's so blessed to have your love and encouragement-sisters are the best!

Sammy said...

Didn't Laura Ingalls Wilder call Almanzo "Manly?" I think it's adorable! :-)

Yes, Barb is heroic to many right now. Her strength, honesty, and integrity really are inspiring.

Melissa said...

since I follow both your blogs I had already read hers and have commented. How proud you must be - I say this with a very special knowledge because my own very stubborn sister has been cutting back on her smoking and is going to give it up this Saturday, Valentine's Day as a special gift to her family and herself. I've already had my other sister and father quit and I've been proud of them for years.
Keep on encouraging her since there will be times when she just wants to go back to it. But a girl needs all the sisters she can get!!!